To download the Vendor Form, please click HERE

The autumn Muskogee Art & Artisans (Art Crawl) festival 2018 is coming up shortly.  Details can be viewed at    If you are interested in participating as a vendor please read on.

Art Crawl Date:  Sept. 8
Deadline for Registration:  August 31
Hours: 11 AM - 4 PM     Setup at 10 AM

Please find the vendor form attached. Print it out, fill it in and make sure it is received with your payment by August 31. Send to the address on the form

Note:  The price for a 10 x 10 vendor space is $30 if you wish to display alone.  If you wish to share a space, or you are placed inside a business, the price is $15.  If you were a vendor who set up or attempted to set up a space for the spring Arts &Artisans last April,  your fee will be half price: $15, or $7.50 in you are placed inside a business.

We will be assigning spaces in early September and sending out notifications.  Please arrive at your assigned site at 10 AM for setup.

In order to help us more efficiently plan for Art Crawl and begin promoting artists, please answer the following questions and send to DeAnn by replying to this email.

  1.  Name
  2.  Email address
  3.  Phone number where you can be easily reached
  4.  Do you wish to be placed outdoors?  Please list a preferred location if you have one.
  5.  Do you wish to be placed indoors?  Please list a preferred business if you have one.
  6.  Do you wish to be placed next to another specific vendor?  If so, list the vendor's name.
  7.  Will you need an electrical outlet?  If so, you must be placed in a business.
  8.  If you will need display panels, please indicate how many.  They are available for rental for $10 each from the Muskogee Art Guild.
  9.  Were you a participating artist in the spring 2018 festival
  10.  Do you wish to reserve a 10 x 10 space for yourself alone?  Cost $30 ($15 if spring vendor)
  11.  Do you wish to share a 10 x 10 space with another artist?  Cost $15 ($7.50 if spring vendor)
  12.  Please list examples of the type of art or craft you will be selling.

Thanks for your attention and we hope to see you at Fall Art & Artisans

DeAnn McDaniel


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