Mediums and Winging It
I don’t think I am a “real” artist. I am not driven to create in one media. It is more like artistic fits. My family says I have “hobby of the week”. Trouble is, I keep the tools for all of them.

Creativity for me can be cooking, sewing, art, even gardening. At one time, I had a crochet period and made everyone funky
“Palette scraping” painting - that just happened. Several of my family want it, when I decide to give it up, or die. Xmas stockings. Then there was the glass period, I made glass houses for each of my children and spouses, A  double wide, a ranch house and a shanty.  I tried stained glass. It has to be precise, as does watercolor which results in too much planning ahead for me.   I am more of a wing it person.

Oil painting is enjoyable. It seems to tell me how it wants to turn out. The worst part is the waiting for it to dry. I also like clay hand building. Opening the kiln is a surprise sometimes:  sometimes good, sometimes bad. Glass slumping is also interesting.

I used to live in a wonderful mid-century home with vaulted ceiling windows. The spiders LOVED that area. I decided to make a stained glass spider web to put up there to cover the webs. It turned out great. One morning I heard a crash and glass breaking.  The web ended up in pieces on the floor. My structural construction of it was too weak and sadly it fell.

I did “creative adventure camp” for 8-10 year olds for the Peachtree City Recreation Dept in Georgia. We did clay, painting, paper making, fabric art. I only showed them the basics and the children CREATED. It was fun to see what they came up with.

Childhood Art
As a child I used to paint with water colors on our white refrigerator. And I made “designer” dresses for my storybook dolls.( A forerunner of Barbie.) In rural Texas we did not have any art teachers.

The Georgia Art Gallery
In Georgia, I belonged to the Atlanta Artist Club. They had a gallery in the Galleria Mall. It was attached to a hotel that did trade shows. The location and traffic created a lot of sales. I was the gallery manager for  a couple years and we changed shows every 6 weeks. The deadline created an urgency to paint something new or make something from clay.  One highlight for me exhibiting in that gallery was becoming an international artist.  One of my paintings is residing in Germany, and one of my clay cats is in a Paris home.

New to Muskogee
My husband and I moved to Muskogee last December from Fayetteville Georgia, a city  20 miles south of the Atlanta airport.  Our son and his family live here. My middle daughter lives up the road in Kansas City. And my brothers all live down the road in Texas. We had to get west of the Mississippi to be near family. When you get older it is a good idea to live closer to family.

Unfortunately, we packed up 35 years of living in one house with a full basement, and moved half-way across the country. I knew where my pictures of art were in Georgia. Have not run across them here. Lots of things are missing or hiding. I do have the stained glass “double wide”. My son-in-law dropped it and the roof broke off. I am going to repair it. Shown above are pictures of it broken and some with the roof propped on. I made it when they first got married and were ”homeless.”  It was because of the song “Queen of my double wide with the red polyester curtains and the redwood deck.” The red curtains are still there, the redwood deck is not.

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